zondag 14 juni 2015

Brochure euro-Ataxia

Hieronder volgt de tekst voor degenen die het niet kunnen lezen:

European ataxia organisations united 
Working together towards our common objective 

euro-ataxia aims to unite ataxia organisations across Europe to work together towards our shared goal of helping those with ataxia. Hand in hand, we work towards the following objectives:

- To drive forward research and treatment of the ataxias

- To encourage the free flow of information between members on the latest research

- To foster and improve contacts between practitioners interested in the ataxias, and people with ataxia.

- To investigate social, political and cultural matters connected to the welfare of people with ataxia, and promoting and improving the exchange of this information.

- To promote co-operation on an international level between national ataxia organisations.

- To raise awareness of ataxia among clinicians, scientists and society.

What is ataxia?

Ataxia is the name given to a group of rare, progressive neurological disorders that affect balance, coordination, and speech. There are many different types of ataxia that can affect people in different ways.

Anyone of any age can get ataxia, but certain types are more common in certain age groups. For example, people with Friedreich’s ataxia are usually diagnosed in childhood or adolescence.

Some forms of ataxia are treatable, but in most cases, there is still no cure.

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